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Posted by MCBS Emmaus Province on October 16, 2009


Who do you want to be?

Life is full of choices. In fact, we make them everyday. We choose our clothes, food, friends, play, study. In fact, life is full of choices of what we want to do. But as life goes on, we are slowly faced with a different kind of choice: Who do I want to be?

Yes, who do you want to be? Engineer, priest, teacher, doctor, social worker, farmer, lawyer, scientist, researcher, filmmaker… the list goes on. The choice is yours. You can definitely choose your own career — but not your vocation!

So what is a vocation? Do I have a vocation? What makes a vocation different from a career.

What is a vocation?

A vocation is a call . It is a call from God. While you may choose your own career, you cannot choose your vocation. It is God who chooses you. Your response is to choose to follow the vocation God is calling you to follow.

Many are called to married and family life. Some are called to lead single lives. Yet some are called to follow God as ordained ministers. Further still, God calls some people to follow him in a special way, as religious, through the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. What is God calling you to be? Is he calling you in a special way? Could he be calling you to be a Jesuit?

Are you still confused? Do you have a vocation? Or are you sure you do not have one? Read on…

Do I have a vocation?

Ask yourself…

Have I been thinking of joining the MCBS?

Have I been dreaming of being a priest?

Do I see myself as a religious?

Do I want to add meaning to my life?

Do I think of contributing by making a difference to this world?

Do I feel interiorly drawn by God?

These are the type of questions that could be going on within you, you probably do have a strong vocation.

Consider you have a vocation. Could God be calling you to live that vocation as an MCBS?

Who is an MCBS? What does it mean to be an MCBS?


The Vocation Promoters of the Emmaus Province are Fr. Mathews payyappillil and Fr. Joseph pathiparambil .

You can contact the Vocation Promoter at:

The Vocation Promoter

MCBS Minor Seminary

Sreekandamanagfalam P.O

Athirampuzha, Kottayam – 686562

Telephone : 04812730599

Email :

•  Fr. Payyappilly …-

•  Fr. Pathiparambil-

You can also contact us at:

MCBS Emmasu Provincial House

Kollad PO

Kottayam, Kerala , India – 686029

Tel: 04812340195, 2340840



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